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The Good and the Bad in The Gambia!!

The Good and the Bad in The Gambia!!

This to some may seem a strange post but, I have seen the good and the bad and so have you with the posts we have had in the past few days!!

The Bad!!

Cramped into a small plane thats in the hands of the airline I'm afraid!! Then the airline overcharge for luggage food and drink!! Thats also out of our control!!

Bad ... when you arrive in The Gambia!! Sometimes the boys that take your luggage can be a pain !! So can putting you luggage through the xray machine!!

Good .... the the boys that take your luggage for a £1 per item can get you through swiftly!! Sometimes they can also get the xrays guys to turn a blind eye!! Bad.... you continue to pay for porters until you get to your hotel!! Can cost you about £10 if there are two of you!!

Bad.... If your a new comer your going to encounter your first bumster!!

Good.... If you think how you would react at home you won't have a problem!!

I sit back sometimes and watch this forum and I see more good than bad!!

I see the marvelous beach days and even though it not said. I know that an immense amount of work goes into these lovely days which are enjoyed by kids and adults alike what a lovely day for every one!!

I see that Sandy who posts for the Goal for the Gambia, she does some lovely sensible posts and continues to fund raise and look after the interests of children, I don't think that's an easy job but you can bet that it is one that requires extreme dedication!!

I see compassion as I also learn that First aid 4 the Gambia does more than first aid, and I realised that they desperate to raise funds not only for supplies and training but because they just go that one mile more!!

I never heard or seen any of these people moan or complain about how hard it is!! and it hard take it from me!!

I see posts from people that now say their friends have died or are dying of Malaria and even AIDS and they are heart broken about it.

I see people that are in love and apart being that one lives in England and one lives in The Gambia it hard but they cope with it the best they can!!

Then I see us take a holiday.... Nothing further to say on that!!

I do not wear rose tinted glasses because do you know what? "I see the good but I also see the bad "!!

I see tolerance and I see patience not just from holiday makers but from Gambians too, if you get out of the tourist areas you too will see what I mean!!

I would never ever delete posts as I think that everyone is entitled to their opinion!! Hey I have had more post deleted than hot dinners!!

My say folks!! about what I think!! I like to get it off my chest sometimes!