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Emergency Traveling Certificate

Emergency Traveling Certificate

ed passport

II. Gambian national ID card

III. Certified copy of Gambian birth certificate

o One passport-size photograph on white background (taken in the last six months;

Gambia Emergency Traveling Certificate?

Gambia emergency travel certificate also known as Emergency Travel documents (ETD) are issued by the Director General of Immigration or Gambia diplomatic missions abroad to Gambia nationals in case of emergencies such as losing your Gambian passport or realizing at the last minute before your travel dates that your passport has expired or is about to expire.

Remember an Emergency travel Certificates is only valid for a single journey to the Republic of The Gambia and it needs to be surrendered to the Immigration authorities at the port of entry on your arrival.

How Emergency Travel Certificate is Obtained?

An Emergency Travel Certificate can be obtained with the permission of the director General of Immigration or the Consular Section of the Embassy for the purpose of urgent travel with a maximum validity of six months.

If you do need an Emergency Travel Certificate, please follow the steps below:

Step 1 Only Gambian nationals are eligible to obtain an emergency travel document from the Embassy.

Step 2 Visit the website and download the Emergency Travel Certificate application form.

Step 3 Complete and sign the Emergency application form, submit it to The Gambian Embassy with the following:

  • A nonrefundable application fee of $75.00 in money order, payable to the Embassy of The Gambia
  • Gambian identification - attach a copy of one of the following documents
  • Valid or expired passport
  • Gambian national ID card
  • Certified copy of Gambian birth certificate
  • One passport-size photograph on white background (taken in the last six months; please write name at the back and sign)
  • Prepaid self-addressed/return envelope (FedEx/UPS or Priority/Express Mail)
  • Children under 18 years must submit a parental consent if unaccompanied by parents
  • Processing time 2 – 4 business days.