Travel To Gambia

Travel To Gambia

Travel To Gambia

American passport holders and most visitors DO require visas to travel to The Gambia.
Please download the visa application form from our website ( link ) and mail us the completed and signed application form together with the requirements stated at the end of the form. For ease of reference, here are the instructions:


1. Valid passport (The actual passport; not a photocopy)

2. One passport-size photograph on white background (taken in the last six months; please write name and passport number on the back – DO NOT staple the picture to the form)

3. Completed and signed application form

4. Regular visa fee of $100.00 in money order only, payable to the Embassy of The Gambia.

5. The processing of a visa application takes 4 to 5 BUSINESS days

6. If you want your application to be expedited, processed and mailed/picked up the same day it is received, you will need to pay an extra $ 50

7. Prepaid self-addressed/return envelope (FedEx/UPS or Priority/Express Mail recommended) . This means you will include in your application package an envelope with paid stamps. The addressee (mail receiver) on that envelope will be you. The sender will be :

Embassy of The Gambia
5630 16th St. NW
Washington DC, 20011

N.B: Make sure you choose a mailing option that includes tracking services so that you can know whether or not the embassy has received your application and be able to track your prepaid self-addressed/return envelope. Please, do not call the embassy to inquire about your application unless you have not received your passport back after ten ( 10 ) business days. Visa inquiries by phone takes a lot of time and delay our work . Please, make sure you follow the requirements stated at the bottom of the form.

ONLY The Gambia Embassy in DC and The Gambian Mission at the United Nations in New York City can deliver Gambian visas within the United States of America.

Visitors are advised to obtain their visa in the U.S.A before traveling to The Gambia.

Some of our forms you may need :